There is Power in the SPOKEN word

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There are certain words that MUST be spoken weekly and even daily in order for you to become the leader God has called you to be. In my years of leadership experience, the greatest contributor to my success has been the words that I speak. When you hear yourself saying the following words regularly- and even obsessively- you get the sense that something BIG is right around the corner! Here is our 10k spoken 4:

Vision– where am I going? who am I impacting? How am I going to get there? Who is going with me? These questions and many more are what leaders must think about night and day. Keeping the right vision before you is easily done when you constantly talk about it. FYI If no one around you is ever up for talking about vision then you might need to reconsider your inner circle.

Grow– In personal, organizational, and in ministry, growth is the name of the game for those who want to change the world. Staying small and shallow will never lead to anything significant. If you have a plan to grow personally and a strategy to grow in your leadership, this word GROW will come flying out of your mouth constantly.

Future– Live in the now but talk about tomorrow! Don’t live in the past or constantly rehearse the events of yesterday. Alan Lakein said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.” Learn to plot and plan on your future like it really matters…’cause it really does! When God told Jeremiah “I will give you a future and a hope” He was speaking the very desires of His heart over Jeremiah. No matter where you are or what your situation, begin envisioning and declaring your future as one that is brighter than today and bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined!

Jesus!– I definitely saved the best for last! This past year I’ve worked to intentionally get the name of Jesus out multiple times each day and WOW! What a difference it has made; with His precious name on my lips there is always a sense of closeness to the Master. Start using His name way too much and in reality it will be just the beginning of the heightened love affair we are called to in Jesus! (like how I did that there 🙂