Most Important Election of our Lives

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I want to repost a an amazing post from my wife.  Alongside side a picture of the “First Prayer in Congress”. This is the founding fathers and the way our nation was built.  I believe we can move the nation back, but it requires a wise choice.  Here is how Jenna put it.

America, and Iowa, today, choose wisely. We don’t need a king! Let’s not make the same mistake Israel made. We need a reformer in the White House who carries the heart of the King, not one that just looks like a king.

Israel made a mistake when they asked for a king…it is what they wanted but not what they needed – and they got Saul. It didn’t matter to them that the king would claim his rights in his reign over them or do what is necessary to save his own name. Saul certainly looked like a king, but did what was right in his own eyes. He ruled in arrogance and pride, and when mistakes were made repentance was not his first inclination, he did what was necessary to protect his reputation. He didn’t so much care about the people, only the people’s perception of him.

So God searched after a man after his own heart…and he was found among the sheep. The people wanted a good looking king, but they needed a kind hearted shepherd. One who smelled like sheep because he was among them, caring for them and looking after their needs.

America, we don’t need a super star. Don’t trade temporal for eternal. Our nation is in need of a greater awakening. We need a reformer to bring our nation back to what she was founded upon. Not one candidate is perfect, but I do believe there is a reformer in the mix.

Choose wisely, America. We don’t need a king!

Daniel Norris

A true son of revival, Daniel Norris has been instrumental in bringing the message of repentance and reformation to the nations. His charismatic style and honest approach make him a favorite speaker among audiences of all ages. As an evangelist with the North Texas Assemblies of God, his passion is to see the church experience the power and presence of God and to see communities experience the love of Christ. Daniel is also a noted author with Destiny Image and Charisma Media. His latest book, Receptivity invites the reader to a deeper more personal relationship with their creator. After graduating from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, Daniel and his wife, Jenna, teamed up with evangelist Steve Hill to help plant Heartland World Ministries Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. For ten years they served as the directors of Redline Student Ministries, growing the youth ministry from nothing to over 350 students in just under three years. There Daniel launched the Collision Youth Conference that has ministered to thousands around the US and has been seen by millions worldwide. Not only has Daniel been honored to lead thousands to the cross through outreach events, he has also helped pioneer several Internet technologies that have reached multitudes around the world. These resources are helping lost sons and daughters come home every day to the loving arms of our Savior. In addition, Daniel assisted in the establishment of a two-year Bible school in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that placed ministers around the globe as pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. Daniel is known to many as a pastor, evangelist, missionary, producer, and author, but he considers his greatest title to be Dad. He and Jenna live just north of Dallas, Texas, and have three beautiful children named Reijah, Caden, and Chase.

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