Rising Country Music Singer Surrenders Career To See A Kingdom Rise

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Brandi Hudson

Before June 26, 2015 Brandi Hudson was pursuing her dreams of becoming a country music star. Doors were beginning to open up in Nashville where she would have the opportunity to work with one of the top song writers in the industry. Brandi was becoming increasing hopeful that a signed contract was soon in her future. In the mean time it was a life spent in bars, music festivals and studios. For a rising artist, things couldn’t have been better, yet she felt so empty inside.

Brandi was at home working on a song for her upcoming EP. With her guitar in hand she began singing an impromptu chorus, “God give us an answer, we don’t have a clue.” The words struck her deeply.

It was at that moment that she broke down. She fell to her floor weeping before the Lord. She felt God asking her to stop fighting him and surrender her life fully. She came out of that encounter a different person.

Brandi was scheduled for an upcoming music festival where she would be singing alongside the headlining band. It was a big opportunity, yet she knew that she couldn’t do it. “There was just no way I was ever again going to use my ability to get attention for myself” she said. Brandi desired something different. She wanted to make Jesus famous.

That is when the Lord began to give her a vision of a different sort of an event. It was a grassroots revival movement that would take place in the center of the city and pull together different churches to come together to worship the Lord in the streets and preach the gospel to sinners. She called it “Kingdom Rising”.

The very first one just took place. It came just four months after her salvation experience and happened in her own hometown of Walhalla, SC. It was raining that weekend, but that didn’t stop over one hundred people from gathering to ask God to rain down on thier County. Brandi said it was a remarkable beginning and that they saw several people healed and saved.

Already, the next Kingdom Rising is scheduled for next year in a neighboring town and Brandi has plans to take it across the state. Her story is an example of how quickly God can work in the lives of those who have surrendered to him! I pray the Lord would work swiftly in each of us!

Source: Rising Country Music Singer Surrenders Career To See A Kingdom Rise – Daniel K Norris Ministries

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